Window Cleaning


At ClearView Texas, we understand the importance and value of professional window cleaning services. While homeowners and business owners dread the necessary task of having clean glass windows at home and on the job, we take pride in getting your window cleaning done for you at a price you can afford. We know you’ve got a life to take care of from homeownership to work days and everything in between, which is why we offer professional window cleaning services as one of our top cleaning options for our customers in the Greater Houston area. As always, customer satisfaction is our number #1 priority. 


We use a Pure Water System to offer spot-free window cleaning solutions for our residential and commercial customers. Whether you’re looking to clean off the dirt and grime from seasonal wear and tear and unpredictable Houston weather or you’re looking for a refresh for your home to list it on the market to avoid expensive window replacements, you can trust that our team at ClearView will get the job done and get it done right! 

We offer both commercial and residential window cleaning at ClearView Texas! 


Homeowners tend to try DIY window cleaning, but if we’re being honest, we know it can be an overwhelming task without the right tools. Don’t waste your weekends lugging around cleaning supplies breaking a sweat for a few clean windows. 

With regular professional window cleaning from ClearView, you can: 

  • Allow for natural light to shine through! Enjoy the view of the outdoors from the comfort of your couch with bright and shiny clear windows.
  • Take the curb appeal of your home to the next level with clear, inviting, and squeaky clean windows. 
  • Extend the life of your windows that are a serious and costly investment. Make the years of your windows count and make them last!

Enjoy each of these benefits with a professional residential window cleaning from ClearView Texas!


Are you a business owner in need of an exterior upgrade? Spend your valuable work hours on the things that matter most for your business and leave the clean up to the window cleaning professionals! ClearView will get your windows professionally cleaned and renewed with a job that’s well worth your while. Our team is professionally trained and here to clean the windows and glass of any and all Industrial or Professional office complex or businesses in the Greater Houston and surrounding areas. 

Our Commercial Window Cleaning Jobs Include:

  • Churches

  • Medical Buildings

  • Office Buildings

  • Shopping Storefronts

  • Schools

  • Hair Salons

  • Gas Stations

...the list goes on and on! Beat the elements of the wind, rain, and weather grime from building up on the windows of your business with regular professional window cleanings from ClearView! Seriously impress your customers and clients with a top-notch professional appearance with clear and shiny clean windows year-round! 


ClearView Texas is your go-to residential & commercial exterior cleaning service provider! We service the entire Greater Houston and the surrounding areas and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with every last one of our jobs. We offer a variety of professional cleaning options for our customers and promise to get the job done with quality work at an affordable price.

We offer high-quality window cleaning services in Houston, Brenham, Chappell Hill, Bellville, The Heights, Katy, Memorial, River Oaks, Sugar Land, and more!

Schedule an appointment today for any of our professional cleaning services by picking up the phone and calling 713-929-2903 or contacting us online.